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The A. I. M. Fitness Program was developed
in response to a 70 year old man being told
by his doctor that there was no medicine
any stronger than what he was already
taking. The doctor said "Mr. Keiser, you
have to get active and you have to lose
weight. Mr. Gordon Keiser, is the founder of
the company as well as the developer of the
A. I. M. Fitness Program. He then spent a
couple of years pouring over scientific
research, interviewed health care
professionals and former fat and sick
people. It turns out that the AIM Program is
really a way to regain your health, lose
weight and it works for people at any age.

The result is a process that allowed Mr.
Keiser to lose 40 pounds,10 inches around
the middle, and allowed his doctor to take
him off of most medicine. His doctor has
now lost 27 pounds and is a living example
to his patients.

Mr. Keiser spent the last year writing the
book and developing a workbook for those
that want to regain their health and vitality
and also for those who wish to teach this
great program to groups.

You can buy the A. I. M.
Program book here:
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Check out the video that the City of Vacaville Public Information
Office made about our New Book
Read "The Story of John". This may make you cry. It is
such a great story about how well the program works for
almost anyone. Code:
A. I. M.
Activity IS Medicine
Personal & Corporate Health & Wellness Programs
What my doctor
I have given away a
number of copies of
my book. One was to
my doctor, Doctor
Rosenburg of Kaiser
Permanete. I asked
him if I could
interview him for a
comment in the book
and he said yes. The
interview is on the
website but the two
things that stand out
in my mind are these:
He first said, “I am so
glad someone has
produced a book like
this for the world to
read”. The other
comment was “The
medicine we
prescribe is more like
a band-aid and your
activity process is
more like a cure".
WOW and I didn’t
have to pay him.
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The above interview was done by the Public Information Officer for
the City of Vacaville
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walking on the Waterfront in Vallejo on Sept 26th, 2015.
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Watch the latest Video
about the AIM Program
done for us by Mark
Lampkin of M.E. Lampkin
Media Services
Watch the latest Video about the AIM Program
done for us by Mark Lampkin of M.E. Lampkin Media Services
Here is a link to our 30 minute video that has been shown on TV
channel 99 in Vallejo:
The 30 minute video about AIM
Read what Phillip McCoy, of the Greater Vallejo Recreation
District (parks department)
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Our Pledge
We pledge that the
information and advice given
in the publications of the AIM
program has been checked
carefully for accuracy and is
supported by health experts
and up-to-date research.
However, each person’s
health and healing regimens
are unique. Even the best
information should not be
substituted for, or used to
alter, medical therapy without
your doctor’s advice.